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Vector Probe III

The Vector Probe is in it's 3rd generation tool design. The Vector III has all the same leading edge features as our second generation tool design with a few extra improvements. Our new revolutionary communication module design gives you everything you need in the palm of your hand. When the communication module is connected via the supplied USB cable, your computer will recognize the tool as a standard Windows Flash Drive. You can also connect to the tool via Bluetooth to any Android tablet or mobile phone. Whatever method you choose you will be eliminating all driver issues previously experienced by every other tool manufacture on the market.
1. External USB Flash Style Interface
(Embedded software w\ data management)
2. Seamless Welded Construction
(No o-ring seals)
3. Hard Wired Internal Battery
(Internal real-time clock)
4. Tool Length
(317.00 mm (12.50"))
5. Tool Outer Diameter
(31.75 mm (1.25"))
Accuracy0.021% F.S. - 0.3 °C
Resolution0.0003% F.S. - 0.01 °C
Drift<2.9psi Per Year - <0.09 °C Per Year
TransducerPiezo-Resistive Silicone
Battery TypeLithium
Battery Capacity13 Amp Hours
Battery Voltage3.67 Volts
Battery Life4 to 5 Years (Under Normal Conditions)
Memory Capacity16 Million Data Points
Sample Rate1 Sample Per Sec to 1 Sample Per 18 Hours
Housing Material17-4 Stainless Steel or Inconel
External Connection3/4-16 TPI (Amerada)
Pressure RangesTemperature Ranges
3,000 psi (20,684 kpa)165 °C (330 °F)
6,000 psi (41,368 kpa)165 °C (330 °F)
10,000 psi (68,497 kpa)165 °C (330°F)
15,000 psi (103,421 kpa)165 °C (330 °F)
USB & Bluetooth Communication Module
Vector Probe 316 Stainless Steel Bullnose
Vector Probe 316 Stainless Steel Crossover
Vector Probe Case Assembly
(403) 309-0980
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